We could go on and on with fancy sales talk. But let's face it if you have

found this page then you most likely have a problem we can solve?

So let's cut through the bullsh*t and find out how we can help.

Mark from Spray Media is truly amazing.

He has helped me with absolutely everything,

from getting my mindset on the right track to all my marketing.

The very first promotion I did with mark, generated over $9k!

WOW I would of never thought an add on Facebook was even

capable of that! I now continue working closely with Mark

& would hands down recommend him & his business to anyone!

Well worth the investment!

Thank you Mark!


Owner - Skin Within


Be different and be one of them businesses who actually generates leads/sales from these platforms. Through our marketing funnels we make sure you are not leaving money behind and data is tracked to make smarter decisions with advert spend…


Have an unfair advantage in the market place with our unique Sales CRM system. Up to 80% of sales are made in the follow-up. Are you losing sales by not remembering to touch base regularly with new leads? From call tracking to sms and email automation, our system is an all in one solution.


We love empowering our client’s with knowledge, at the end of the day your business is your baby. So let us fill in the gaps of knowledge you require. Anything from marketing, automation, scaling to mindset to get you to the next level in business….


Enhance your customer services but automating commonly asked questions to not loose sales. Create better engagement by following up with facebook messages to get the leads over the line. This has a high open rate compared to emails and is something you should be implementing today…


Want to start podcasting for your business but unsure where to start? Let us guide you through the process from what you need to how to have your brand on apple iTunes and Spotify.

Still overwhelmed, then let us take care of the whole process? We have the equipment and team so you can just walk in record and we do the rest.



Stand out by using video in your promotional content. Drive more sales by showing potential clients why they should use your services, why you are different and show a face to the brand. We have helped many local businesses elevate their exposure by assisting them to not only come up with the content but also capturing it and editing in HD Quality.

Mark from Spray Media is truly amazing.

I highly recommend Spray Media. Mark Spray.

I have spent the last few months with Mark on a weekly basis working

on my business development. I have learnt so much and Mark

has worked so hard to promote my business. All I need to say is I

need to take on an extra two staff to cope with the influx of work .

My business is booming thanks to Mark and the knowledge he has

with regards to social media . Thanks Mark, and I look forward

to reaching my target and becoming the number

one cleaning business in Mandurah. 😄


Owner - BrightGleam Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

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