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Everyone telling you to use Facebook? Google too? How about a local guide who knows the best route and order for success.

Use our years of experience to speed up your results.


Now that you have a strategy in place, there are many ways to deploy tactics. For instance, running creative videos on social media for conversions or using Google Ads will make your competitors feel like they’re playing catch up!

Equals more clients & sales!

Your business needs these to survive and grow, leverage your digital marketing for its true purpose: increasing revenue by attracting more clients today.

Mark from Spray Media is truly amazing. He has helped me with absolutely everything, from getting my mindset on the right track to all my marketing. The very first promotion I did with mark, generated over $9k! WOW I would of never thought an advert was even capable of that! I now continue working closely with Mark & would hands down recommend him & his business to anyone! Well worth the investment! Thank you Mark!
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Bridget Cuff
Ceo & Founder SkinWithin

Why Choose Us?

The most significant comment we get is your different! But why a lot of our other competitors say the same thing. In short, I am also a business owner with real-world experience in creating and building a successful 7 figure business that was totally unrelated to marketing. What fuelled the success was online marketing.

After multiple years of working and growing various small businesses over Perth, one day, I pulled the pin and used online marketing to create a manufacturing business from home. This may sound like you, heck most clients I meet have the same journey. While everyone was telling me old ways to market, I went straight online. And soon enough, I had scaled over a few years to a factory with 10 staff selling products all over Australia from a town called Mandurah.

By leveraging my marketing skills, I created a successful business with less headache than other business owners. Over time, more and more business owners requested the same services, and by understanding their pains and problems, they leveraged online marketing and became successful.

Why Ben chose Spray Media?

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