How to Get Found on Google Maps in The Gold Coast: The Ultimate Guide

Google Maps is a great way to find nearby restaurants, businesses and other points of interest. But how do you get found on Google Maps? The good news is that it’s not too difficult! In this blog post, we will discuss the steps you need to take to be found on Google Maps in Gold Coast and increase your chances of being seen by potential customers

Sign up for a free Google My Business account (

Yeap this part is totally free don’t get conned by those big Perth agencies charging you to set up a google account because it’s easy and free. Register your name, address, phone number and google + page URL and then wait for the postcard to come in a few weeks to validate your business exists at the location you chose.

Add a keyword to your business name if you have a brand name that doesn’t clearly explain what you do

If your name doesn’t clearly sum up what you do then add the keyword so people understand what you do. Does this help google? We have seen better results with the service you offer in your name. Maybe it’s just psychology as peoples brains don’t want to work too hard so they look for what they want.

Add photos of your store to stand out and rank better

Help people find your location by a nice outside shot, rank better by completing out all the photo’s google needs. Look at your competitors most won’t have done more than needed so be different and complete all yours for some google love.

Complete out a list of all your services

Some of the services you offer may not be obvious, or you might want to add a description. This is also an opportunity for businesses to promote special offers. Without this information, the public may not know about your services, and hence would not be aware of such offers either.

Collect Reviews

Google reviews are crucial to success. Google will rank a website or business higher if it has reviews. It’s also important to note that one review isn’t enough, you need more than 5-6 reviews before google starts taking notice and your page begins to rank.

We have noticed that most businesses in Gold Coast don’t care about Google reviews. They think they don’t need them because they’re too new and don’t have much competition. But the truth is, as long as you do a good job, you’ll get reviews quickly – even if you’re not established yet!

Think how frustrating it will be when your competitor has 10, 50, 100+ reviews and now you need to catch up.

Respond to reviews

It’s obviously important to respond to reviews, positive or negative. If you don’t then people might think that you are not listening and that your business is not responding to feedback. Even if you have had a negative review it’s important to reply with an explanation of why the customer was dissatisfied. No one likes a company that doesn’t care about their customers so just be nice 🙂

Post updates to your google my business listing

Keep your customers up to date and also possibly help rank your business better by adding recent updates.

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